Emma Swan ([personal profile] thesavior) wrote2018-02-04 08:25 pm

Magical Permissions Post

☄ First Impressions ♚ VISUAL:

Emma's style tends to be more casual. Not that she won't dress up, she just hates it. Her hair is usually down, but she has worn the ocassional ponytail and glasses. ♚ FASHION: Emma fashion on Pintrest ♚ DEMEANOUR: Emma's default is self defensive, but she is learning to open up to people. She loves her family and friends more than she loves herself. She is somewhat sarcastic and wary. ♚ SOUND: here ♚ SCENT: She probably smells like leather, hot chocolate and cinnamon. ♚ MENTAL INFORMATION: She has no mental shields or mental abilities. ♚ MAGICAL INFORMATION: here ☄ OOC ♚ BACKTAGGING: I tend to be slow so this is essential. ♚ FOURTHWALLING: Her parents are Prince Charming and Snow White. There isn't much that phases her. ♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Emma grew up an orphan so she is not used to physical affection, but she is getting better. She really needs hugs, not going to lie. As a player, I would like to be warned on violence, but I am generally okay with most things ♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: She will use magic to protect herself and others ♚ RELATIONSHIPS: I am good with whatever clicks ☄ Permissions ♚ FIRST THING: Can Emma use protection magic on your character? {see magical abilities} ♚ SECOND THING: Can Emma heal your character? ♚ THIRD THING: Can Emma use any magic on your character? And if so, what are the limits? ♚ CODE: Please fill out the form below and reply to this post. All comments are screened. (Edit what’s in the text area box based on the questions you asked. Just copy and paste the span code.)